Sandra Ratcliffe held a further exhibition of her work in Abu Dhabi in April 2014 and a selection of her paintings is available to view below.

The portfolios for the previous exhibitions held in Gigha and Spain are also shown below. Click on the plus or minus icon at the end of the exhibition header to expand or contract the relevant group of portfolios..

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2014 Abu Dhabi Exhibition Portfolios

Portfolio of new paintings for the 2014 Abu Dhabi Exhibition.

Approaching Storm and Light
Calm Before the Storm
Dalbeg Drama
Red Sky

2013 Gigha Exhibition Portfolios

Portfolio of new paintings for the 2013 Gigha Exhibition.

Snow near Inverary (60X60cm Acrylic)
Pure Drama (60x60cm Acrylic)
Soft Rain July (60x60 Acrylic)
Looking West (60x60cm Acrylic)
Yellow Flags (60x60cm Acrylic)
Gloaming (60x60cm Acrylic)
Sweeping  Sand (50x50cm Acrylic)
Peace (50x50cm Acrylic)
Summer Colours (50x50cm Acrylic)
Rocks at Sunset (30x30cm Acrylic)
Wild Rocks 1 (30x30cm Acrylic)
Seashore June (40x40cm Acrylic)
Seashore Flowers (30x30cm Acrylic)
Beauty (30x30cm Acrylic)
Summer Rock Pool (30x30cm Acrylic)
Wild Flowers (30x30cm Acrylic)
The Farmers Viewpoint (40x40cm Acrylic)
Wild Rocks 2 (30x30cm Acrylic)

Night Watch (SOLD)
Summer Sail (60x60cm Acrylic)
Old Boathouse (47x37cm Acrylic
Breaking Day (48x48cm Acrylic)
Storm Force (67x47cm Acrylic)
Just Wild (67x47cm Acrylic)
Wee Boat (47x37cm Acrylic)
Wave Power (47x37cm Acrylic)
Hebridean Elements (ll)(60x60cm Acrylic)

The Corryvreckan Challenge (50x50cm Acrylic)
Cave Light (60x60cm Acrylic)
In a Mood (50x50cm Acrylic)

2009 Gigha Exhibition Portfolios

Portfolio of paintings from the 2009 Gigha Exhibition.

The Paps Sunset 2
The Paps June Sunset 1
Fishing at Sunset
Seabirds on Gigha Shore
Rocks Gigha
Blue Water Gigha
Achamore Gardens June
Stormy beach  Gigha
The Paps and Yellow Irises

Wild Sunset Over Jura
Summer Shore
The Paps and Yellow Irises
The Paps June Sunset
Blue Water Gigha
Gigha Byte 1
Gigha Byte 2
Gigha Byte 3
Gigha Byte 4

Gigha Byte 5
Gigha Byte 6
Seabirds Gigha Shore
Paps and Evening Light
Gigha Rocks
Seashore June
Paps Sunset 2
The Paps from Gigha

The Bay and Boat
Seashore Colours and Boat
Rocks and Spray
Summer Rocks and Boat
Islands and Yacht
Wild Sunset Over Jura
Tide Going Out
 Soft Day on Gigha
Gigha Byte 7

Gigha Byte 8
 Gigha Byte 9
Hot Beach
Cool Beach
Red Reflection
Rocks Gigha
Achamore Gardens June
Stormy Beach Gigha
Seabirds Gigha Shore

2008 Spanish Exhibition Portfolios

Portfolio of paintings from the 2008 Spanish Exhibition.

Red Flag Day at The Beach. Acrylic on Canvas. 40 cm x 50 cm
Sunrise at El Mojon , acrylic, 61cm x 60cm
Boat at Gigha Beach. Acrylic
The Paps of Jura from Gigha. Acrylic.
Summer Rocks Jura. Acrylic
Sunset 1. Acrylic
Summer Storm, Mar Menor
Misty Sunset, Isle of Skye Bridge. Acrylic on Canvas. 30cm x 30cm
Highland Autumn. Acrylic on Paper.

Poppy, 40x30 acrylic
White Bouquet,  40x40, acrylic
Watching the Storm
El Mojon Beach and Sand Dunes, acrylic
Autumn Cairngorm, acrylic.
Lillies and Black vase, acrylic
Blue Cloth with flowers and bowl, acrylic
Flamingos at The Salinas, acrylic

Rocks on Ghia. Acrylic 30cmsx30cms
 El Mojon Beach and Dunes at Sunset
Stormy Night Sky Over La Manga
Thunder Clouds, Mar Menor
Wild Sunset Sailing Home, acrylic
Argyll Sunset, acrylic
In The Pink, acrylic
Sunset 2, acrylic
Girls' Beach Party

From Torre to La Manga
Ailsa Craig